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About Us

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At l'école d'art et de musique (EAM), music is not just another subject, music is a way of being, of feeling, of expressing oneself. When a child decides to embark on a musical journey, they are signing up to a lifetime of self-expression and self-growth in the world of tone, beat and rhythm. Each and every member of our school is committed to help your child realize his full artistic potential and grasp the principles of music in a fun, exciting, energetic, friendly and creative environment. You can check our students' reviews from this link



Ecole d'Art et de Musique is deeply committed to excellence in education, performance, and creative activity; to the humanity of the School's environment; and to the cultural enrichment of the larger community. A premium international conservatory, EAM inspires and empowers highly talented individuals to realize their potential. We prepare our students to be accomplished and passionate performers, artists, composers and teachers, and imaginative, effective contributors to the arts and society

  • aCreating a new generation of professional artists and musicians
  • bChanging the culture of our beloved country
  • cArming the students with instruments
  • dGiving a voice to our students
  • eBeing a source of happiness
  • fEmpowering the students with self-confidence
  • gProviding employment opportunitie



The program in our school caters for students who want to pursue a professional career in music as well as those who simply enjoy it as a hobby. We like to meet every student personally before they enroll at the school, because at the end of the day l'école d'art et de musique (EAM) is all about THEM, our students



Learning an instrument comes hand in hand with playing it and spending time doing practice. But learning an instrument in itself is not enough to strengthen the student's musical foundation. This can only be done by exploring the musical world, in depth. Alongside the weekly application sessions, each student will be attending a session that explores music in depth. From studying famous composers, to learning how to sing, read and write musical notes, this session covers everything a music student requires to succeed in his musical journey

If you wish for a great future in Arts and Music for your beloved kids, that's where you should register them: EAM

Pascale B. Harb (Student at EAM Batroun)

Most loving, caring, and understanding people that i met. I always feel comfortable around them and enjoy their company and trust

Megan Khoury (Student at EAM)

EAM is one of a kind .. very unique and special

Céline Salloum (Student at EAM Batroun)

Best Professional team and best learning environment for our children

Mireille Bakhos Akkary (Mother of two students at EAM Zgharta)


Paul Obeid (Student at EAM Koura)