Regular Program
What is the Regular Program?

The Regular program is an extended course that focuses on building a virtuoso artist. Students learn to approach the world of arts and music consistently and learn the music theory alongside with practical weekly sessions.

What does the Regular Program include?

Learning an instrument comes hand in hand with playing it and spending time doing practice. But learning an instrument in itself is not enough to strengthen the student’s musical foundation. This can only be done by exploring the musical world, in depth.

Alongside the weekly application sessions, each student will be attending a session that explores music in depth. From studying famous composers, to learning how to sing, read and write musical notes, this session covers everything a music student requires to succeed in his musical journey.

Can anyone enroll in our Regular Program?

At EAM, we believe that each human being has a potential that can only be nurtured and developed through a tailored and specialized education.

The students’ journey begins with an aptitude test to foretell the probable artistic development of the pupil. All applicants at EAM are required to submit an information sheet; then we provide them with academic advising explaining the sequence of the courses, choosing the proper instrument and educational program.

EAM has an unlimited number of available seats at the regular program for all ages. Therefore there are few requirements for the potential students to qualify:

  • aGetting a copy of the identity card or passport
  • bSubmitting a personal information sheet
What gives this program such an important value?
  • aStudents will get a diploma from the ministry of education after completing the required courses
  • bYou will be trained by many professional and experienced artists (earning doctorates, masters and diplomas)
  • cYou will be performing in many concerts held by EAM
  • dYou will be able to play / draw fluently
  • eEAM might create for you job opportunities according to your grading and skills
  • fYou will be attending Master classes with International Musicians (Few are free of charges)
  • gThe Managing Director will be following-up your progress you’re your mentors will submit a weekly report regarding your progress
Regular Program Expenses

The fees will cover two courses a week (practical and theoretical), access to practice rooms and the program components mentioned earlier in the previous section.