PEI Programs
What is P.E.I Program?

The P.E.I. Program is a unique 11 months Intensive Program that focuses on building a real artist. Students learn to approach the world of arts and music from various perspectives.

What does the P.E.I. Program include?

Any student will be attending five actual hours (60 minutes each) per week. This program includes both theoretical (solfeggio, instrumentation/anatomy, music theory) and practical lessons (application on piano, guitar, violin, voice …)

Can anyone enroll in our P.E.I Program?

EAM has a very limited number of available seats at the P.E.I. Program; therefore there are few requirements for the potential students to qualify:

  • aBasic linguistic skills (Arabic, French or English)
  • bTime Availability and flexibility (the P.E.I. student needs to attend many courses a week at different times)
  • cThe P.E.I. potential student needs to be consistent, fully committed, and to work hard
  • dOnly 18 year’s old and above can apply to this program
  • eThe Managing Director needs to meet with any P.E.I. potential before signing the approval of enrollment
  • fOnly Five P.E.I.s are accepted a year
What gives this program such an important value?

People all around the world waste too much time (years), energy, and money trying to find real and fast results in their musical journey. This program was planned for people who want to be professionals in a short period of time.

  • aYou will get a certificate from the ministry of education in only one year
  • bYou will be trained by many professional and experienced musicians (earning doctorates, masters and diplomas)
  • cYou will have 5 studio recordings at the end of the program
  • dYou will be performing in any concert held by EAM
  • eYou will be able to play, sing, and compose fluently
  • fEAM will create for you job opportunities according to your grading and skills
  • gYou will be attending Master classes with International Musicians (Few are free of charges)
  • hThe Managing Director will be following-up closely your progress and giving you a weekly report regarding your performance
P.E.I. Program Expenses

In order to cover the tuition of the program, a flexible plan could be assessed based on a case by case situation. The general plan consists of two main payments:

1. Registration Fees 75 USD
2. 1st Payment 3000 USD
3. 2nd Payment 2750 USD

These fees will cover all the courses, access to practice rooms and the program components mentioned earlier in the previous section.